Meeks Bay Stakeholder Forum Virtual Meeting #3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Austin McInerny, CBI, Facilitator
Meeting will resume at 10:40.
Austin McInerny, CBI, Facilitator
For those who want to provide additional feedback, please email (meeksbayproject@trpa.org). For the Alternative Theme 1 – Modified Version of the Proposed Action:1. What do you think about an alternative with a pier but no ramp?2. Is the pier in the best location?3. Should there be an alternative with a pier at the southern end?4. What do you think about the relocation of the cabins on the northern end?
Austin McInerny, CBI, Facilitator
Alternative Theme 2 – Retain Partial Marina Infrastructure Questions:1. How many slips should the marina accommodate?2. If the marina is not feasible, should this alternative maintain the boat ramp?3. What do you think about the bike and pedestrian paths?4. Are you supportive of the additional day use parking and campsites?
Austin McInerny, CBI, Facilitator
Please “Raise Hand” if you would like to share thoughts on Alternative #2
Austin McInerny, CBI, Facilitator
Alternative Theme 3 – Non-Motorized Access Emphasis Questions:1. Do you support increasing the size of the campgrounds?2. Do you support relocating the road, parking, and campground on the south side?3. Do you support the non-motorized launch ramp?4. Should this alternative include a pedestrian-only pier?5. Are there other features that should be included in this alternative?