Maine Research Array – Planning Meeting, February 5, 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Singer
Laura Singer
Presenters & Panelistshttps://www.maine.gov/energy/sites/maine.gov.energy/files/inline-files/Feb.%205th%20Speaker%20Bios.pdf
Laura Singer
Adrienne Leppold
Is the plan to use this giant synthetic rope on this research array? If so, has anyone brought up consideration and consequences of adding micro-plastics to the marine environment?…In particular, with regard to marine animals and seabirds ingesting these bits. Especially since reef effects from these structures has been shown to attract wildlife and increase foraging of both predator and prey species.
Stephen Russell
that's not going to snag right whales???
Ed Roggenkamp
Has any research been done on whether wildlife/marine mammals avoid these chains/cables? Or methods to increase collision avoidance?
Adrienne Leppold
*increase foraging in the area of the turbines and ropes, that is
Claire Richer
BOEM funded this research on Humpback whales encountering floating wind mooring lines and has an interesting video. https://www.boem.gov/about-boem/humpback-whales-and-floating-offshore-wind-farms
Lance Burton
on the 1/8 scale, we installed a "S" curve of the power cable after the cable left the platform and then secured it to below the "chain movement zone" so that the cable followed the chain to the bottom and allowed for less "snag" hazard... just an observation.
Laura Singer
All presentations will be uploaded to Maine’s Governor’s Energy Office offshore wind website.
daniel salerno
is the amount of movement of the array/mooring system directly dependent of depth?
Stephen Russell
lobstermen are being forced to remove verticle lines but BOEM will put in the water a grid of cables, chains, and mooring lines. how is this squared, and Is the Magnosun Act observed in this entire project?
erno bonebakker
Cianbro building something similar on W Comm'l st in Portland- anyone know what it is?
Grant Provost
that is for Portsmouth shipyard
Grant Provost
dry dock
Jerica Nolte
Is there a possibility for the research array to be expanded to a commercial farm at a later date?
Dave Reidmiller
So the distance btw turbines is ~1mi, but what’s the diameter of the “obstructed water column” circle. From what Chris said (40 m = ~1/8 of the circle), that’d indicate an obstructed water column of ~320m (or 1000’) diameter per turbine. Is that accurate?
Priscilla Brooks
It will be important to do multi-year baseline monitoring of the wind energy area in order to understand the distribution, abundance and behavior of marine wildlife in the area during different seasons. This can help inform the siting, design, and mitigation.
Geoffrey Smith
Will the lines/chains for the cantenary mooring system have a 7:1 scope from the turbine as Dick suggested or something smaller?
Genevieve McDonald
The previous question from Steve Russell wasn’t in reference to ingestion - it was about entanglement. What risks do windmills pose to Right whales?
George Stover
can you have a coble with ZERO EMF??
Patrick Field
Genevieve -Steve and other’s questions raise a very important issue (entanglement) that we are going to hand over to the folks in the data panel because they are best equipped we think to tackle this set of questions.
Genevieve McDonald
Great, thanks. I just wanted to make sure his question is addressed.
Grant Provost
How many homes will the research array be able to power. what does it replace as far as fossil fuels
Jim Kendall
You neglected to respond to the amount of distance that would be unaffected by the anchorage system. What will the overall diameter of the area encompassed by the suspension cables/anchor system? what will this leave for clearance between the turbines?
Peter Fallon
If the research array indicates commercial scale development in a similar form is viable, what size would that likely be? One researcher at UMaine suggested 50 to 100 turbines in a presentation to the legislature joint committee on marine resources.
Stephen Russell
there is documented research of sharks being attracted to EMF. we have a lot of sharks including porbeagle spawning. also, there is an awful lot of research from Europe regarding all of what is being discussed. no offense, but are we going it alone here? there was no reference to these mega energy companies in your list who you are working with on this project
Lance Burton
I lived on Monhegan when we had the blizzard of 78. The sustained wind was 100+ with gusts higher. The waves were cresting Gull Rock (65+ feet high)…. 500 year storm?? dunno.
Paul Anderson
The discussion of the radius of impacts is partially to understand how close fishermen and others can get to these installations. But what precedent is there around the world for off shore wind and/or oil rigs for restrictions due to liability, the insurance companies and underwrite these installations and other security or risk concerns of the developer?
Stephen Russell
current European research is deep water, 600 ft.
Stephen Russell
why not go further offshore waway from productive and active fishing grounds
Lance Burton
wow... Platts bank and 3 Dory Ledge... HUGE whale and fisheries area.... also eastern inbound for Portland...
Adam Lachman (Senator King)
can you clarify the timeframe of finalizing a site?
Geoffrey Smith
Can the shipping lane into Portland to be added as a layer to the state's mapping tool similar to the DOD exclusion area
Lance Burton
How much met data is needed to verify a site (i.e., minimum time) before it can even be considered? GoMOOS/NERACooS buoy "E" was established off Monhegan in the early 2000 so 20+ years of met data.
Peter Fallon
echoing Adam Lachlan’s question
Priscilla Brooks
Are you working with marine scientists from around the Gulf of Maine to better understand the wildlife and habitats and incorporate this scientific understanding into siting considerations? It might make sense to pull together this community to discuss the planning area.
Meredith Mendelson
Geoff, if you zoom in on the tool, the shipping lane appears.
Priscilla Brooks
I recommend that the planning area be loaded up on the Northeast Data Portal so that stakeholders can analyze the area using the substantial database and mapping capability of the Portal. This will assist stakeholder engagement substantially.
Meredith Mendelson
The planning area has been included on the data portal as of this week. It is under Energy Areas, Planning Areas.
Priscilla Brooks
Priscilla Brooks
Thanks Meredith.
Stephen Russell
if the economics of scale going further offshore away from the fishing grounds why should the fishermen "pay" for it? shouldn't fishermen be paid for taking by eminent domain? !exactly as this guy just said
George Stover
What voltage will you operate the cable at? Wind mill to wind mill ,and to shore? Will you connect to115KV or 345kv at the on shore connection.
Eliza Donoghue
I’m hearing that going more than 40 miles out, in order for a project to be economically viable, would require additional substation build out. If that were to happen, would that substation have to be offshore?
Dave Reidmiller
This research array is in federal waters, an area that BOEM has jurisdiction over. So can you explain how this state-led “site planning” process will interface with the ultimate decision making authority that resides with BOEM?
George Stover
AC or DC?
Emily Shumchenia - Northeast Ocean Data Portal
Here’s a link to the announcement on the Portal: https://www.northeastoceandata.org/gulf-of-maine-floating-offshore-wind-research-array-area-of-interest/
Priscilla Brooks
Brilliant technique Laura!
Ryan Gahagan
Can you confirm that even though it is a R&D lease application, BOEM is still obligated to seek competitive interest from other parties, not limited to State or Federal agencies, but open to Commercial as well, as nothing in the language prevents that? Or does the State have a different interpretation? Per Subsection: 585.238 - https://www.boem.gov/sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/30_CFR_585.pdf - Thank you.
Michelle Bachman
What is the yellow green color to the south?
Claire Enterline
It is yellow over blue bathymetry. Yellow indicating there are bathymetry and backscatter data but no grab samples.
Andrew Marsters
Could Damian please explain the upcoming sampling in Casco Bay?
Douglas Christel (NMFS)
Our fishing footprint data can be found here: https://apps-nefsc.fisheries.noaa.gov/read/socialsci/fishing-footprints.php
Douglas Christel (NMFS)
NOAA's website on offshore wind development in New England and Mid-Atlantic waters can be found here: https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/new-england-mid-atlantic/science-data/offshore-wind-energy-development-new-england-mid-atlantic-waters
Damian Brady
Andrew, the Maine Coastal Program plans to map the Casco Bay Area (not 100% sure what the timeline is)…this data is used for much more than offshore wind siting and cable installations…it also informs sea level rise, navigation, water quality, habitat mapping, etc…I would encourage reaching out to the Maine Coastal Program for a timeline…thank you for the question@
daniel salerno
is there a sense of what fisheries are better represented than others based on data availability?
Annette Bossler
Is there any data collection with regard to aqua culture, current and planned future?
Geoffrey Smith
Nearly the entire GOM has been designated as EFH for one species or another. Are there any ideas on how to best prioritize EFH data to help identify more sensitive/important areas for siting purposes?
Grant Provost
in block island there is improved fishing around turbines. they are fixed base. will thee be an improved habitat for ground fish. would cable matting provide offshore sanctuary for lobster to go in winter months. will the fidheries be able to fish on the matts
sebastian belle
Given the fact that we know the marine environment is changing rapidly and that is impacting distribution of protected or endangered species, how long does it take for the distribution maps to adjust and for an area where those species having been historically mapped come OFF the maps if they no longer occur there?
George Stover
Can you provide guidance on all seasons of lobster density in the impact zone being considered. Will we consider the best time of year to dredge?
Peter Taylor
Link to Northeast Ocean Data Portal map showing aquaculture: https://www.northeastoceandata.org/yGSo0l7e
sebastian belle
From the Maine Aquaculture Association we currently have no members interested in pursuing colocation.
Peter Taylor
A few more links to Portal maps like the ones that Emily showed: Surf scoter fall migration:https://www.northeastoceandata.org/OwPlddf3Right whale (March)https://www.northeastoceandata.org/gKO4iIunHabitat Management Areas (NOAA Fisheries)https://www.northeastoceandata.org/OMJzriqrHigh-resolution bathymetry:https://www.northeastoceandata.org/RM1TevVg
Patrick Field
Marine Aquaculture within Offshore Wind Farms: Social Aspects of Multiple-Use PlanningJune 2009GAIA - Ecological Perspectives on Science and Society 18(2):158-162DOI: 10.14512/gaia.18.2.14Authors:Tanja Michler-CieluchLeibniz Universität HannoverGesche KrauseAlfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine ResearchBela H. BuckAlfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre
Damian Brady
Thank you Patrick and Sebastian for more details
George Stover
Is it possible Directional drilling to place cables on hard bottom??
Patrick Field
Two of the webinars we hope to organize in the coming month or so include general background on transmission cabling from a study sponsored by NYSERDA (New York) and potential impacts, including EMF, and finding out experts to speak to this concern.
sebastian belle
just want to make sure I understand answer to species shifts in distribution. Am I correct that once a species goes on the map it never comes off?
sebastian belle
even though it may no longer be there?
George Stover
The cable should be buried to 20' to eliminate EMF totally. Why are you not concidering this? COST??
Emily Shumchenia - Northeast Ocean Data Portal
@Sebastian - some maps are predictions and others show actual observations; difficult to answer your question concisely in chat; feel free to email me - emily.shumchenia@gmail.com
John Williamson
British fishermen report low-frequency sound in the water when fishing proximate to wind arrays (they hear the noise through their hulls). Considering that Jeffreys Ledge and Platts see presence of large whale populations, what do we know about noise pollution.
scott johnston
How might the Regional Wildlife Science Entity - that is being considered to coordinate monitoring and research priorities across sectors - relate to GOM and the pilot project? Thanks
Eben Wilson
looking at the way the whale regulations are going. If there is low frequency noise or EMF how would that effect the radio call ropeless gear that is being proposed?
John Williamson
Question for Wing: when does an effect cross the threshold of being an impact?
George Stover
Why build it to study when you can work with the National offshore wind R & D consortium. Block island?
George Stover
So no additional windmill's can be built until you complete your research??
jon archer
Effects of one blade being black and the (~70%) reductions of bird mortality, is this going to be studied.
Lance Burton
The technologies that are represented in offshore wind are evolving at a tremendous rate. Turbine output, height, blade sweep diameter, turbine density, turbine voltage, cable voltage, AC or DC, anchoring systems, etc. Each of these may be viewed by some as an incremental growth/small change and others will interpret it as more of an order of magnitude change. Are the impact studies for the various concerns using the technologies of today or are we trying to plan upfront for the technologies of 5 years out, a decade or more out? This technological growth issue was a huge concern to many on Monhegan concerning the test site as it seemed each time the groups came back to discuss the project, the plans had changed and the project had gotten larger.
Grant Provost
What kind of job creation will we see from offshore wind for coastal communities and underserved communities. will this lead to a new job title in green infrastructure??
Grant Provost
New industry in fabrication and port improvements??
Patrick Field
Several of the speakers have raised important questions of understanding, considering risk for different actors from wildlife and fisheries to the State to ratepayers to fishermen, so important to consider all those perspectives.
Maggie Osthues (she/her)
Questions? offshorewind@maine.gov
Maggie Osthues (she/her)
For information: www.maine.gov/energy/initiatives/offshorewind
sebastian belle
thanks all, lots of interesting info
Patrick Field
Has noted, if interested in participating in the work sessions, please email the above offshore email with contact info and which group is of most interest
Maggie Osthues (she/her)
Please email offshorewind@maine.gov with your contact information and which work session you would like to join
Claire Richer
Thank you to all the presenters and organizers!
Lance Burton
Patrick Field
Thank you all